Irish Of The Jungle

Irish Of The Jungle

Irish Of The Jungle


Alternate name:
Irish Of The Jungle 2002


Bill Black



As a tribute to gorgeous pin-up queen, Irish McCall, who portrayed Sheena on television in the 1950''s, this book portrays Irish as a jungle gal herself. In the savage African jungle Irish combats giant reptiles and conniving white hunters in a thrilling, full-color comic-style adventure. The story is written by Bill Black, with art by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike. Color reprints of the Golden Age Sheena are also included as drawn by Robert Webb in her original 1940''s Fiction House Comics title, Jumbo Comics. Black and white photos of Irish McCalla''s acting and modeling careers , and a remembrance of the woman and her career by fan and friend J. M Bembaron round out the package. (Please note that much of the material in this book has seen print previously in the TV''s Sheena, Irish McCalla trade paperback.)

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