Conan: The Weight of the Crown

Conan: The Weight of the Crown

Conan: The Weight of the Crown


Alternate name:
Conan the Cimmerian: The Weight of the Crown


Darick Robertson



One of Dark Horse''s [One-Shot Wonders](! Living legend Darick Robertson (_The Boys_, _Transmetropolitan, Wolverine_) focuses his powerful storytelling talents on Conan--his favorite barbarian hero! In this adult fable that Robertson writes AND draws, Conan travels away from Cimmeria to search for a mercenary job that will bring him the fierce joy of battle and the spoils of war. Intrigued by a leader known as the Mad King of Gaul, Conan joins a band of brutes who are defending the Aquilonian border from incursions and who enjoy living in a lush valley that the Mad King claims for his own. These warriors soon believe that Conan may be a more fitting successor to their leader than the supposed king''s own son--setting Conan on a potentially disastrous course! Taking place between the _Cimmeria_ and _Black Colossus_ story arcs in the _Conan the Cimmerian_ monthly series, this issue is perfect for both longtime readers and for intrigued fans looking for a dynamic one-shot punch from the visceral and cerebral Darick Robertson.

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